Self is an app for increasing self awareness and enabling healthy decision making

Coming 2021

Your experiences are important

Self allows you to quickly capture and build everyday experiences.

Your experiences in education, the work place and life can affect your physical, emotional and mental health. Taking the time to reflect and learn about yourself is a way of helping to increase self awareness – “A conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings”.


Discover and learn

The self health planner plots your experiences on a customisable timeline allowing you to discover insights, trends and patterns giving you confidence to make healthy decisons.

Understanding your feelings and emotions can help you build on areas of strength as well as identify areas where you would would like to make improvements. Being more self aware can lead to opportunities including learning new skills and improvements in work performance.


Need to speak out?

Sometimes an experience or event needs to be discussed with the right person. It is common that the fear or embarrassment of starting up an uncomfortable conversation can stop someone ever sharing what’s important to them. Leaving issues unresolved can cause problems to build up and lead to mental health issues such as negative emotions, anxiety or depression.


Share in confidence

Build up a collection of experiences that can be anonymously shared and discussed directly with a support group or organisation through the secure Self messaging server – ensuring complete anonymity and confidentiality.

Speaking about an experience can help to reduce stress and build self confidence. Sharing what’s on your mind can also help develop relationships as well as making you a stronger, more resilient person.


How do I use the app?

Build experiences
Using our quick, icon based, one touch experience builder.

What can I do with my experiences?


Map your experiences on your self health planner to discover patterns, trends and insights.


Choose to share your anonymous experiences with our research platform – we’ll keep you updated on how your data is being used for good.


Choose to share or discuss your experiences anonymously with an organisation.

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